i was spanked pretty often by my Mom while i was in elementary school ... forgetting to do a chore, not doing a chore properly (like not putting away folded laundry or not folding it carefully), or from reports from a teacher about behavior. the routine was always the same. during dinner she would talk about any issues with my sisters and i. if the matter was serious, she would always say, "we will deal with your punishment after dinner, understand?"
"yes Ma'am," was the only acceptable answer.
after dinner and dishes were done, the family would gather in the living room. She would then call over the offender, ask again for an explanation of what was not done correctly and what action would be taken to improve. It was never a time for excuses.
then she would say, "now how many swats do you think would be appropriate?"
it was always a very anxious moment, as saying too little would mean you thought it was a trivial matter, and you didn't want to say more than that necessary!
she would then send me for the paddle.
i was always first in line, by rule, so i always went to get the paddle, giving me even more time to worry.

upon return, she would say, "get in position."
i would drop my pants and lay over her knee. sometimes she would pull my briefs down to my thighs, sometimes not. then the spanking would start. i dared not move or try to avoid the paddle .. that would always result in more.

afterwards, i would stand back up, pull up my pants. she would say, "now, what do you have to say?"
i would then restate what i did wrong and what i would do in the future.

"very well, then," she would say. She would then send me off to my room to do homework or whatever, while she dealt with my sisters, who always sat on the couch and watched as i was punished.

as i got older, i was increasingly embarrassed having my pants dropped, but if she noticed any reluctance, she would always say, "nothing to be embarrassed about, little one. Both of your sisters changed your diaper, so there is nothing they haven't seen." and they would both giggle.

in high school, the spankings were less frequent, but they would happen, and as often as not, both sisters would be in attendance. i do remember once realizing that i had a firm erection after one of the spankings as i stood up. my oldest sister said, giggling, "look, Mommy, i think he likes it!"
i turned beet red, struggled to quickly pull up my pants and tuck things end. as i left for my i room, i heard Mommy say to the girls, "now girls, it is nothing he can help. it is just the way little boys react when they are excited."
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Yes, we cannot do anything to remove erection. But during and after a really serious spanking we are not erected because our brains are busy with coping with pain.

How embarrassing to be spanked in front of someone of the opposite sex. I was spanked with a hairbrush on my bare bottom with two girls watching me get a spanking.