Take Down Your Trousers

I dreaded those words from my mother. She wouls pull me to her side after seating herself on a chair & unfasten my shorts. Then she would pull down my pants & put me across her knee. Bare bottomed I knew that I would be spanked long & hard,usually with her hand & often with the hairbrush - that would sting like hell & make me wriggle.

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I love strict ladies who spank over the knee bare bottom

Once my mum was in such a rage she threw me over her knee without dropping my trousers first so she had to reach under me to undo my fly-buttons so she could pull my trousers down; there was only the trousers to do, I was not allowed underpants. I was 17 at the time so you can imagine my shame, exposed genitals crushed on her lap while she smacked my bare bottom.

And I bet even more exposed when she let you up as I bet she didnt pull them back up when she was done spanking? How often at ages 13-17 were you spanked in any given year and were most bare bottom spankings and only from mom?

She didn't pull my trousers back up; I had to get off her lap exposing myself further and pull them up myself. This particular spanking was in front of my sister who was really shocked and remembers it in detail. There were other spankings, perhaps several a year between ages 13 and 17, all for perceived major "attitude" problems, all bare bottom over the knee. They were always by mum, and when dad was out of the way, he was a mild man and would have disapproved.

So your sister saw you spanked several tmes between the ages of 13-17 and many times saw everything? Did your sister ever make fun of the spankings you got or how you acted or comment that she saw everything? After the spanking was it flopping around all over as you moved about and were you ever embarrassed to still get it bare bottom by mom with your sister seeing it all?

You ever see a freind spanked or a cousin spanked or even see your sister get a spanking as a teenager?

No my sister only saw the final spanking I got as a 17 year old; and she never mentioned it for many years; the detail came out recently when we went to an opera the theme of which was a naughty boy with "attitude". The other spankings were all done with no-one else present. After the last spanking it was of course all flopping around all over before I managed to get my trousers back on as though otherwise a skinny hairless undeveloped boy I was well developed down there with a full pubic bush on display so was really selfconscious. I never saw friends or cousins spanked and my sister was never spanked, her punishment for bad behaviour was to have her things thrown around her bedroom.

Oh really your sister never spanked just you. I have read that hear where some siblings get spanked and some do not rather unfair I think but what can you do the parents are in charge.

My sister got her room wrecked by my mum, all her things thrown around. I think I got the best deal really being spanked as my sister is dreadfully untidy today as a result whereas I don't think my spankings had long term effects.

That makes it even worse that you hadnt saw you naked since puberty till that spanking? Was your stuff just flopping around and in plain view of her and your mom? Had mom seen you bare naked during spankings after puberty besides that last one at 17?

Yes she'd seen me naked from the waist down during all my spankings after puberty. It got worse for me obviously the more I developed down there.

I should add that I was late entering puberty so when the spankings began age 13 when I was still in short trousers I had no pubic hair and my penis had not yet started to grow. As the spankings progressed so did my development in both respects and with it my embarrassment.

Okay why were you not allowed to wear underpants?

Mum considered them unnecessary. Mens and boys shirts in the UK at that time pulled on over the head with just a 3 button fastening to the collar and had long tails back and front that she thought sufficient coverage for toilet hygiene. Of course these tails too had to be pulled up front and back once over the knee to expose me ready for my spanking.

Yea, I bet they saw everything. Were you spanked and/or caned in school and were they ever pants down cause being underwear free that would expose to all the spanking? That ever happen and who outside of family has seen you spanked or caned bare bottom?

Did your brothers underwear at the time? Were they also spanked bare bottom?

They did see everything, as I mentioned above I was well-endowed with bushy pubes. Yes I was spanked at school too, by prefects, twice as a senior boy for minor breach of school rules, once age 15 the other age 16 so the prefect doing it was only a year older than me. It was done in the prefects' room in front of all the prefects. I was bent over the back of an upright chair, made to grip the seat for support/ The prefect doing the spanking came up behind me and dropped my braces then undid all my fly-buttons and pulled my trousers down lastly tucking my shirt tails up under my school blazer to expose my genitals and bottom then spanked my bare bottom with a gym shoe. The repeated spanking and exposure of my tackle and pubic bush to all these young men caused a stonking erection. After being told to pull my trousers up and do up my fly-buttons, my trousers still tenting as I had no underpants on, I was given a lecture by the head prefect on the bad example I'd set to younger boys.

I didn't have any younger brothers to share my shame.

Lucky no females or Matrons saw you naked or saw them stripes. Any other females ever see you caned or spanked as a teenager or others outside of family?

No other females ever saw me; I was in a day school not a borading school so wouldnt have been seen by a matron anyway. As I was never caned, only spanked with hand or slipper there were no cane stripes to give the game away anyway. The reddening of my buttocks faded overnight leaving only the residual stinging to remind me of my spankings or slipperings.

What was worse school caning you got?

I never got caned in grammar school, only over the hand in junior school. Grammar school canings were only given for by the headmaster or deputy head, to boys sent by teachers for serious misbehaviour in class. These were again only on the hand, not on the bottom. Looking back it seems odd that prefects, who were allowed to punish only for trivial offences could spank bare bottom although only with a gym shoe not the cane but in those days we never questioned such things.

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Just reading the sentence makes me shiver for having heard it too many times. Usually the next sentence was "Bend over"!

I remember getting spanked good and hard for misbehaving. I lied about stuff that resulted in bard bottom spankings

I was rarely allowed to take my own pants down for a spanking. Gram usually did this herself, but not before telling me that she was going to do it. "I'm going to take your pants down and spank your bare bum." I heard that said many times and she always followed through.

I always found it exciting when my mom or gran said those words to me , i'm going to pull your pants down and spank your bare bottom you naughty boy ! now get over here right now !

If my mom had not spanked me over her knee for a while , I used to do something wrong on purpose , just so I would get a good spanking over her knee , and it did hurt like hell and I always ended up sobbing , still don't know why i liked getting spanked but i still do to this day , my wife puts me over her knee now !

It really did not take all that much for Gram to spank me so when the need was there, I didn't have to go way out of my way to get her to take down my pants. For the most part, I just didn't do anything to avoid getting caught.

Hello mattwoo: Yes I have been done that way too. For some reason it has become a thrill to have my pants and underwear pulled down and layed over someones knees and spanked hard. I haven't had it done lately but I sure have been thinking about it. My stepfather used to spank me a lot for reasons I cant remember anymore. Of course I cried bloody murder and then wimpered in the corner naked for about 30min. Im an older man now but those thoughts are still in my mind. I understand what you are thinking. We both are naughty boys at heart. Paddle..

I dreaded them from either parent but unfortunately bare bottomed was always the way in our house:(

Mom usually didn't take pants down nor use anything she didn't already have in her hand to hit us with...but even the flat of her hand hurt almost as bad as anything else. She didn't spank us (there were four of us] especially long either. Daddy was the one who let himself get carried away and didn't know when to stop - Mom usually stepped in when it got too violent or threatening. I just tried to stay out of his way.

I imagine it does sting when a hairbrush is used. Ive felt the hairbrush a number of times when I was growing up. I would prefer the use of the hand because Id love the physical contact. My dad was the one that pulled my pants and underwear down and for sure I was scared to feel the first swat on my bare bottom.

How many times has my tummy done a flip at the sound of that command from mum. any delay in getting them down just gets me more swats and she has a real keen hand, her hairbrush is much worse and squiggling about on her knee just seems to make it sting more. You would think I would be used to it by now but it gets harder as I get older, im 14 now

How often did you get spanked Jack or still do? Is it always bare bottom> What was your last parental spanking you got, how, why and from whom and what roomn was it given in? What hurts worse and does mom see everything nwhen she spanks you? Anyone else outside of family ever had to give you a spanking?

My sister remembers my mother putting me over her knee, age 17 and already over 6 foot tall. I was then spanked long and hard across my bare bottom with her hand. She remembers being shocked my mother did this in front of her, she was 13 at the time. I don't recall this myself, I must have blotted out the memory as too traumatic. It only came out recently when we were reminiscing about our childhood. I think the most shaming detail was that she put me over her knee still in my trousers then reached under me undoing my fly buttons with one hand while pulling my trousers down with the other, instantly exposing my bare bottom as I was not allowed underpants. Apparently I didn't struggle or protest, just meekly accepted my punishment as if it were routine. My sister said I was so well behaved she couldn't imagine why I was spanked. I expect it was for "attitude" which i know can be maddening so I probably deserved my spanking. I don't know if there were other spankings but my mother often hit me elsewhere throughout my teenage years and beyond, only stopping when, at age 23 I hit her back after she'd struck me.

Yep. I felt while I was living at home, being kept, and under her rules, I had to put up with whatever she did to me including that spanking but after I left home at 18 and supported myself felt I shouldn't be assaulted when I was just visiting. Perhaps I was wrong and deserved a good spanking for hitting her back!

Do you remember spankings from mom at age 13-15? Were those bare bottom too and did your sister say she saw all of you during that last spanking or before? What state did you live in and were most of moms spankings on the bare bottom?

I don't remember other spankings from my mum but then I hadn't remembered that one; it was my sister who recalled it during a conversation after we'd seen an opera in which the central character was a naughty boy with "attitude". I must have blotted out the memory as too traumatic. My sister remembers i accepted the spanking meekly without struggle or protest, as if it were routine so it was probably one of many. There were also a couple of bare bottom spanking from prefects between ages 15 and 16 that I do recall clearly. During my teen years we were very poor as my dad had lost a good job so I had no clothes other than my school uniform that I had to wear all the time.I was allowed only one bath and one change of shirt a week, as hot water for washing was expensive and no underpants as my mother considered the long tails of my shirt would protect against dribbles and skidmarks. My mother was a disciplinarian, controlling every aspect of my behaviour, but my dad was a very mild man and never disciplined me.

For me it was when the spanker told me to "bend over" that my butterflys started and my stomach turned over and panic set i lent over to go across, the spanker would position me on there knee then my trousers would be pulled down followed by my now i would be very scared and sometimes would try to look up while i could to see there hand coming cracking down on my butt,after that i wouldnt be able to see for the tears coming from my eyes

Do all you people who have been spanked realize how LUCKY you are? I was only spanked once as a kid and even though it hurt like hell (Dad's leather belt, 12 hard strokes: the first 6 single and then the belt doubled for 6 more) I still loved it and wanted it again (after a few days). I would love to have a strict auntie now who could take me back to boyhood with a really good spanking - every week?

yes it was most embrassing haveing my mom pull down my pants an underpants in front of her seeing me naekd before going over her knees allways end up with red bottom an kicing screaming before she wa done

i was spank same as you till i was 19 by mom later in teen years it was more hairbrush then hand<br />
n having her take down my pantes

oh yes when mom poull down my pants an uderweare standing facing her bare embrassing specail when older then over her keee for the hairbreush my mom strong catholic irsh women so you know what my bottom lok like when she was done not to mention spanking dance an could not sit<br />
worst if someone there also

"take your pants down and bend over" was how it went in my house I hated having my bottom bared and the hairbrush hurt so much I usually always had blisters on my sit spots-she made sure of it-and if I didnt pull down pants I got double what I would have

did all thekids in your house get spanked the same ay? How old ere ey hen the spankings weretaking place

seems that is how all moms spank hair brush an i assum they ike taken down pants an underpants them self mine allways did had to stand like that full frontal exposed before goingover her knees howling an kicking

At my house when it was hairbrush time it went something like this from me at pants down time.<br />
Defiance<br />
Denial<br />
Fury<br />
Guilt tripping<br />
Claims of innocence<br />
Incredulousness<br />
Misunderstanding<br />
Frustration<br />
Anger<br />
Fear<br />
Embarrassment<br />
Tears (maybe that will work)<br />
Bargaining<br />
Panic<br />
Thoughts of Fleeing to Mexico<br />
Capitulation<br />
Pants down<br />
Then it started all over again for my panties.

in our house it was "drop your pants and bend over" we would have to pull down our pants and underwear and bend over the arm of a chair. I was spanked with either a paddle or belt.

When i was young up until i was aroud 12 my Mum or Dad would be the ones to take my knickers down,after that i was only told 3 words,up,down,over.Up meaning lift your skirt up,down meant pull your knickers down & over meant get over my knee. I hated hearing those 3 words cos up to that point i always hoped there would be a reprieve!

Wow that was very short and not sweet to hear!!! How old were you still lifting your skirt and following the procedure?

i remember those words...take your trousers and underpants down...i never did though and had to recieve some help. my mother would sit on the bed and pull them down for me. the last time i was nearly 13 and had been seen bunking off school, easily spotted as i was still wearing my school uniform. within a couple of minutes on entering my home i sent straight upstairs to my room.

what did you get spanked for and when was your last spanking and how did that go

i got spanked at of all places wall-marts because i wanted a dress and when she said no i stomped my foot and yelled at her (i hate you)your a bad mom wicth got me spanked bare assed with every one there looking and one woman handen mom a paddel then smiled and claped her hands that was when i was 14years old

you behaved like that at 14 in public I guess you really wanted that dress. And some total stranger gave your mom a paddle and your mom pull your pants down completely down or just enough to show the bum and got spanked. Well I guess you did not go to wal-mart for a long time right. Thats to bad that happed

When I was little my mama spanked with a wooden sooon after i turned 12 she started usung a belt. I hate whoopings so much.

I hate it. Plus what is a cane?

I didnt repeat what Bullgirl did.

Great story I remember those days my mom always spanked me with a three inch thick spanking stick at home and with her hairbrush in public and always bare bottom,and it hurt badly.

Katherine get your panties down NOW THIS MINUTE,that was a frequent order from my parents.I hated hearing those words cos i knew it was no good pleading or begging i was going to get spanked & that was that.As soon as i did i was put over their knee & had my bare bottom spanked til it was crimson.

That is a real story -- it happens like that a lot!

I remember once as a 6yr old boy I was playing in the back garden with a 6 yr old girl from up the road. We both decided we needed to pee. So I showed her how boys went and then she showed me how girls went. She pulled her knickers down and then squatted while I watched her pee. Unfortunately, Mum had seen all this happen from the kitchen window. The girl was sent home and I had to go indoors where I was soundly smacked several times on the bare thigh. I think this was the wrong punishment. She punished me for weeing in the garden but I thought it was because I had seen her vagina and bottom. Since then I have loved girls of all ages seeing my penis!!

tahat was nice

my mom did the same. It did not matter where or who was around if I made her mad about something she say remove your panties and over my knee NOW. :( I hated hearing those words. like you Mattwoo, my mom spanked with hand and brush, slipper. always bare bottom. along with the corner.

How old were you still having to remove your panties on demand?

Till I left home. I got spanked bare till I was 19 and got another at 23 when I come to visit my mom and got mouthy and swearing at her that story is posted.

i hated hearing "get you pants down NOW" and if i i didn't my mum would and she would take them down then slap the inside of my thighs.

Boy, that is really true, it happened to me too.