I Was Always Out Of Control

I liked where we lived, but I didnt like my mother yelling at me, and beating me with a broom everyday. She got mad at me, because I never came home after school. I roamed the neighborhood,and climbed fences to see what was on the other side. It didnt matter if they were real high, or if they had barbed wire on them. I went to other kids houses, to see how they lived, and it surprized me. It was like going to visit Betty White or Aunt Bee in Mayberry. Everything was so orderly, and their parents gave them snacks after school. When I got home, I got my standard beating,and scolding, along with a list of chores I had to do. This included, cleaning the chimney ashes, feeding animals, cleaning bathrooms, and emptying trash cans. When my mom sent us to Catholic church, we rebeled. My sister and I got the church bulletin, and stole ice cream from the store, while we walked home. I dont do much of these things anymore, but I stiil can recall, playing with a young bobtail cat,(my mother was into wildlife creatures) and thinking about what trail I would take, in this adventure called life.
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I don't know why I never wanted to come home. Most of my friends went home straight after school. I guess I wanted to explore, and see how other people lived? No matter what it's part of who I am, today. My neighbors always see me coming and going. They wonder how I get so much energy, I just enjoy life, people, and God's creations. They are a wonder to behold.

I can relate to your curiosity as a child. I would want to escape, too, if only in my mind!

I'm surprized to see you post on this story! Kind of strange upbringing I had, huh!