Garbo, Sophia Loren

September 18
Greta Garbo (1905-1990): Swedish-born international film star who acted till 1941, her first being Torrent in 1926. She got four Academy Award nominations and received an honorary one. Considered the fifth greatest femals stars of all times, Garbo acted in about 27 films, most of them silent. The Temptress, Flesh and Devil, Love, Mata Hari, Grand Hotel, Anna Karenina and Camille.
Lance Armstrong (1971): American professional racing cyclist who set a record by winning the Tour de France seven times in a row.  He battled and survived testicular cancer. He won a number of awards and announced his retirement  in 2011.
September 20
Sophia Loren (1934): Italian actress who won 50 international awards, including two Oscars. Quo Vadis, Grumpier Old Men, Verdict, The Cassandra Crossing, Man of La Mancha, Fall of the Roman Empire, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are some of her film.
Upton Sinclair (1878-1968):  American author who wrote nearly 100 books, including drama and non-fiction. He shot into fame through his controversial The Jungle which is on US meat packing industry. Roman Holiday, Marie Antoinette, Dragon's Teeth are some of his works. Time magazine called him 'a man with every gift except humor and silence'. 
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Sep 19, 2011