Two Moths :

The cottage where we lived was really two knocked into one with one front and one back door blocked up. We were only meant to use one of the gardens but there was only a hedge between them so easy-peasy if no one was looking. In the forbidden garden there was a sundial with a face carved on the supporting column. It was not a pleasant face but not exactly a gargoyle. I tried to see what the time was but my brother said it was not set for that. I thought it pretty useless if it couldn't tell the time but bro was adamant that he knew how to use it. Next morning my brother woke me up. It was well before dawn but just light enough to make out the garden. We crept out of the window and across to the sundial. On Bro's instructions I took up my position on the opposite side of the dial to him. We then ran around it anticlockwise with our arms outstretched, fluttering our finger tips and softly calling moth! moth! moth! moth! moth! I called this The Moth Game. It had to be kept secret and could only be played when my brother read the signs as propitious.
Pratincole Pratincole
70+, M
Aug 16, 2013