This Brings Me Back A Bit

when i was about 11 i new everything about dbz, saw all the movies and all the episodes. this was my show, i would stop doing my homework to watch this show, or lie and say i was done. this show was worth it, it came on every day at 8pm and i was on the couch not a moment later. i only missed 2 episodes that i later saw online, the first was when goku turns ssj for the first time and the second was when cell absorbs 17... that's it. i remember how they would start the entire season over because they where still making episodes or it just needed to be translated, and it pissed me off soooo bad, but hey, the show was worth it. i remember when gohan killed cell... epic... when he turnd ssj2? i was like this ish is over what he should have done was kill cell right then and their but no he had to let goku die. but i think i'm going to jump to gt and ask why can't pan turn ssj but her grandson can? wtf? watch the vid of jr. goku vs jr. vegeta
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Nov 21, 2011