I Made Him See Horrendous Movies.

I made my boyfriend watch Immortals as our first date. He kept saying we should see the Muppets or Happy Feet Two. No. I was not having any cute movies on this date. At the time, I wasn't even sure I liked him, so there was no cuteness to be had. I wanted violence and mythology. What I got was one of the worst movies of the year, if not all time. It was so bad. Bad acting, at one point this guy gets a menacing looking mallet to the crotch. Romance- I am doing it right. But we left, laughed at how bad the movie was and made Christmas cookies at his house. They were the Pillsbury kind that you buy around holidays, only a few make it to the oven because, let's be honest, they are delicious in their unbaked form. We burnt the cookies and when he drove me home, I had to essentially break into my own house since my mom locked the door. Somehow, he wanted to go out again.
I, once again, was allowed to pick the movie. I decided to go to the only drive-in movie theater near us. What did we see, you ask? Breaking Dawn. On our second date, I made this poor boy see a Twilight movie. That we ended up not watching, but that's not the point. It was while we were waiting in line for food that I realized something. I loved him. Not many people would put up with one horrendous movie date, but two? He was perfect. And he knew they were bad. He didn't try to act like they were good just to make me happy. I didn't like them either. So in that line waiting to get a cheese steak and large soda, among the dads juggling toddlers, teenage fry cooks and the flood of compliments that I got about my hair (which only prove to add to my ego, which he also has to put up with), I realized I loved him.
prettydarling prettydarling
Sep 12, 2012