Fights With objects Knives And Can Openers

Saturday night fights were normal in my home. Dishes knives can openers lamps, anything was a weapon. I didnt know there was another way of living, till I visited friends homes. Then I knew there was another way people lived. Our family fights were free for alls. Everone got into the act, including: uncles, grandmas, children, parents and animals. Biting, clawing, and baying at the moon. This was what the humans did. Dont ask what our animals did. I remember seeing them drinking beer; and trying to eat friends, neighbors, or anyone that dared to wander in our yard. Our animals took aggression out on each other, or the children in our house. Im kind of glad its over. I now live on my own. But I still remember when family fights were the norm.
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

that is definitely not fun seeing family fights. I saw my parents arguing alot when I was growing up. That's prolly why my tummy was upset alot. but they are better now. And I'm glad I'm on my own too. It's nicer to be out of that