i ask myself over and over again am i running away?

what if i start to ask myself that what if question?

im confused im scared

i honestly dont know were im going

im sick im drained

im pissed im happy

i crave arms to be wraped around me

not the arms of family or friends but the arms of a men

a men that well make me feel beautiful loved and cherished

i want to be wraped around with strong muscles

i want to fall asleep with his voice in my ear whispering i love you

i want to feel sexy .when i look at him i want to see lust in his eyes not discussed

i hate the feeling of being watched

i want to go home with his sent on my lips

i want to go to sleep with flashbacks of my day not a nightmare of what happened

i want to go to sleep with a clear mind not bullied

i want to feel as if my beauty is good enough

good enough for them.

violetkillsme violetkillsme
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012