Wow, This Group Has Been Great!

My memory isn't the greatest after having a couple strokes back in 2000. I don't think about my past much as it never crosses my mind. This group has been great because it made me remember things I had forgotten.

I still have hundreds of 3.5" floppies, some 5.25" and a few 8", some punch cards (previously programmed - early 1980s). I usually don't get rid of my old computers so I have more than 10, of which 5 or so can access my wireless router. I have a 1Tb WD Mybook, and a 465 Gb Goflex Satelite hard drives. My main computer has an Internal SATA drive of about 300Gb and was reaching its capacity, so I started copying and deleting stuff once I backed up some of my data on DVD (5 DVDs to back up about 20 Gb and I want to do another 40Gb (~10 DVDs). Can you imaging backing up to floppy?
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Sep 17, 2012