Way Back When

I had an old Epson Equity built in 1987 and it used the 5.25" floppy disks that were indeed truly floppy, unlike the smaller 3.5" many people know.

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Yeah, I remember using those 5.25 inchers back in the 80s and early 90s. I also remember the horrible sound the drive made when trying to read one that had gone bad (and they went bad pretty quickly). My stomach made the same sound as I stressed about all the valuable data I had just lost with no back-up.

Ya, what the hell's with people calling the 3.25's "floppy"... Don't they know what a real floppy disk looked like? lol<br />
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I remember the floppies because of some of the games I used to play on the old Apple II green screen computers they had in grade school. <br />
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Man those were good times lol.

I remember the 5.25" floppys. They were so bad and so unreliable. The 3.25 were much better, but still, 1.44 Mg on a disk made it very restrictive on anything you wanted to transfer. At that time, I use teletype terminal connected at 300 baud.