I never had one but i "taught" a whole display of them at toys r us how to cuss.
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when the 1st ones came out, both my daughters wanted them. One day my youngest asked me to bring hers to her (she was at a sleep over) and as I was driving with the damned thing in the front seat it started talking, saying "Weeee! Weeee! Too fast! Too fast! Ha ha ha ha!" I pulled over and threw it out the window and just told her I couldn't find it. My other daughter set hers on fire one day because it kept laughing at her....even after she removed the batteries!

Ha! You just would, you son of a mother!

Lol. It was in like 1998. Actually it was the front few.

Well, my younger brother, you just keep on truckin'. I don't always comment, but I always enjoy reading your posts.:-)