Girls Sitting On Me And Making Me Eat Grass

When I was 8 years old, I remember girls chasing us/boys around and sitting on us and holding us down while they pulled grass and stuck it in our mouths and made us eat it! Sometimes I would have 3 girls holding me down.....This was fun and arousing at a very young age!
We played this quite often during recess.....
How many other guys out there had this experience, and did you enjoy it?
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2012

I had similar experience I would wrestle with neighbor girls, and let them pin me down and sit on me, we would do this long periods of time, I never wanted them to get off me because it felt so good, I would go home with soggy underwear. still have a thing for female butts today.

Yes, I can remember at about the age of twelve there were at least four boys in our neighbourhood who were beaten up by girls and in every case the fights ended with the girl sitting on the boy and pinning him to the ground, the boy struggling helplessly, and in the end having to admit his total defeat. At this point the girl would usually taunt him and make him apologize and then finally let him up. I was one of these boys and it wasn't fun, it was humiliating, but none of us ever thought of having a rematch because we knew it would probably end up the exact same way. From the girls point f view it was usually a case of lets show these boys who is boss. We also knew the girls would brag it up and everyone would know what happened. I do admit that sometimes there was an erotic aspect in remembering the experience. In my own case it left me with a lifelong determination to never argue with a woman because I'd likely end up looking up at her.