Baby 2

I went to the doctor for a regular check up, I was a month out to the day and figured I'd run to the appointment and then to work. When I got there he read the sono results and said "Meet me at the hospital at noon, we're going to induce". Huh? What? But I'm not ready... OMG ok so I ran and got my daughter and called the X. We stopped by work to inform my boss who was ready to kill me. LOL We hadn't gotten a temp yet and he was stressing out. Said my "sorry's and goodbyes" and went to pack. Got to the hospital at noon, the drugs were administers and a few hours later the contractions began. It was the longest night of my life! The contractions jumped to full blown hell mode and stayed there for 18 hours. I had my daughter, sister and X there trying no to get to close as they were afraid I'm hurt them and I finally rolled into a ball and just focused on staying conscience. The nurse came in and said she was giving me a shot of something to calm me and whatever it was last about 10 minutes. It was 10 minutes of sleep but not nearly enough.

I kept telling her I needed to push and she finally informed me that my Dr. was in another birth and passed out and they were in the process of finding an available one to deliver. Another thirty minutes and she said "oh he's on the way". I kept telling them "I need this child out NOW" and she finally said "just push if it makes you happy". Well that's all I needed to hear and just as this Dr comes in to introduce himself he sees my son pop out. They grabbed him up, showed him to me for about 15 seconds and took off. He wasn't doing so great and I made the X go with him. This Dr. finished the birth, stitched me up and I immediately went to take a shower. I tried to get info on my son but they wouldn't let me see him until about 1am! He looked so weak (there's a pic in my album) and frail and I just cried. On the third day, even though I was on major pills for the depression, they sent me home... without my baby. He only spent a week there but with the severe bleeding that I was having getting back and forth for feedings was very difficult. I finally started driving myself against everyones wishes and was thrilled when they finally released him. It was during a bad hurricane season so we had a few long first month and a lot of Dr's and hospital visits but he's a big, healthy boy now.

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plus 9 months of hormone induced cravings and mood fluctuations? as if puberty wasn't bad enough....

Its good to hear he's doing good. That is so scary when you feel helpless and its your baby that needs help.<br />
<br />
I was induced. It was a horrible experience. Shooting fast contractions non<x>stop till she was out!