08/31/12....a Date To Remember!

So, they say the third time is the charm, huh? Well, I guess Im living proof that it may actually be true! On May 12, 2008 I miscarried my 1st daughter. My body wasn't ready or capable at the time to withstand a pregnancy due to my health issues. Then again last year 2011 I miscarried my 2nd daughter to distress in the womb. I was beginging to think that maybe this whole "mommy" thing wasn't gonna happen for me.

To be honest I had actually gave up on the thought of being a mother. I mean I have alot of GodChildren and thought that I could just be happy that way. Watching all my friends and family getting pregnant so easily and giving birth like it was nothing and they never understood the real blessing of having the chance to give birth. People seem to take for granit the simple and most natural things until they can't have what is a joy to life.

I could feel myself becoming depressed the more baby showers & hospital visits I made to friends who had just given birth. I think my husband started to sense I was a little down. He even asked me on the ride home once if I was depressed. Of course I told him no. Im not the one who likes for people to worry about me. I just felt like a complete failure at not being able to become pregnant and give my husband what I knew he wanted. Friends would always joke around saying "Hey! When are you two gonna have some brats of your own?" Anthony would laugh and say "In due time, my friend!"

Over the Christmas and New Years holiday of 2011- 2012; I must admit that my hubby & I did hump like rabbits. LOL! I did do alot of drinking alcohol....with being depressed and all. I just figured since im obviously not gonna get pregnant then who cares, right?! So, one morning in Janurary I started vomiting and that happened every single morning for awhile. My husband was like; "Hey, baby! I think you might be pregnant!" I laughed and said "No, Im not pregnant....can't be...I don't think..."

After alot of begging from my husband I went and bought a pregnancy test. I took it the next morning and it said I was positive. I still thought it was a lie, so I went back to the store and bought like 14 more tests.....the lady at the cash register didn't say anything, but she sure looked at me like I was crazy. I told her I worked at the health department and we had run out of tests and needed some till the next shipment came in. She nodded and smiled then. LOL!

All the tests aid positive. So, I scheduled an appointment with my ob/gyn; Dr. James Baurband who was able to confirm that it was in fact true and went ahead and made my next appointment to come back for check ups. I was really hoping I would make it past 4 months since I lost my last 2 pregnancies around that time, but was overjoyed when I not only pasted 4 months, but continued with healthy progress.

I was due to give birth on September 21st, but my son decided that he didn't want to wait that long or wait till september for that matter. On friday August 31; it started out like any other day. The job that my husband works sometimes send him out of state. Since he was gonna take time off next month to be at home with me and the baby his job decided to send him out of state Weds the 29th. He was actually supposed to be gone till September 7th.

The whole day was ok. I did have to pee alot that day. I just figured since my womb was pushing hader on my bladder that I was mistaking my bladder to be full which is the case for most women who are pregnant and are close to their due dates. My mom's car was in the shop, so she had called me to come take her to the grocery store. By this time I was having a little discomfort in my belly, but dismissed it as having a bad case of indegestion.

I decided to stay in the car while my mom shopped. She was surprised at that, because I normally go in with her. All I remember is my water breaking anf fluid everywhere! The cramping was horrible. I needed to call my mom and tell her that I thought I was in labor, but I couldnt reach my purse and the pain was terrible! A man who had pulled up beside my car heard me screaming in pain and asked me if I was ok. I told him I was pregnant and that & I thought I might be in labor and that my mom was still in the store.

I asked him if he would call 911 and if he could get my cell phone so I could call my mom. He got my phone and I speed dialed my mom while he talked to the Emergency people. My mom left all her groceries in the buggy and came running back outside to me just as the ambulance was pulling up. The EMTs got me inside the ambulance while my mom grabed my purse. She couldn't ride with me, so she followed in my car.

The emergency people were able to call the hospital and have them page my doctor. At that time they found that I was about 7 1/2 centimeters dilated. Started my IVS and were a little concerned about my sons breathing. I was becoming irritated a little at the fact that they we mumbling amoungst themselves about possible C-section and not talking to much to me about it. I guess they didn't want to worry me about it.

Once we arrived at the hospital I was 9 centimeters. Dr. Baurband was already there and they were ready for me. It was certainly too late for an epidural. Everything was happening so fast and my husband was out of state. Kind of depresing, because we had planned everything and thought he would be there. It was just me, my doctor, and the RNs. 10 centimeters came soon after and it was time to push. Pushing was the most painful of all.

Im sure they heard me all through the hospital screaming! A few pushes and he was here! My son had already showed signs of being impatient. LOL! One of the nurses was nice enough to take pics for me in between helping me relax, pushing and doing her job. So many emotions were going through me at once. I was so happy he was there, but I was also upset that he couldn't have waited for his daddy to be there.

My mom was able to contact my husband who caught the next flight from where he was in Houston to Atlanta. When he walked into my room we both burst out laughing! Here we were making all these plans for september when he was supposed to be born and he showed both of us that we were on his time and when he wanted to make his appearance in this world. Watching him hold his son for the 1st time was amazing! Finally our family was complete. I am the most luckest woman in the world!

By the way....my husband decided to let me name our son; So, I named him Anthony after my husband and William after my grandfather. Anthony William Krise was born on August 31, 2012 at 11:37 p.m. 7Lbs & 5 ounces. 20 inches long. Feel free to view my photo album...I posted pics and will be posting more!

Thank you for sharing in my experience! Its been amazing! :)

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Congratulations! Great news!

Congrats.... hope he's healthy and bouncing and that you are too!

Congratulations!!!! I hope you are not losing too much sleep :)

Thank you! Im fine now, but ask me in 6 months. LOL!

Congrats! ;)

Thank you!

What a wonderful story and congratulations.
This is why I love this site!
Sure it can titillate and help everybody understand each other.
Then a story like yours comes along and brings a tear to my eyes, a smile to my face and a feeling of joy to my heart!
Thanks for sharing your story.

Im glad you enjoyed it, but there is nothing like the feeling of bringing a child into the world. So amazing!


Awe. WOW, I love that story so much. I read it over twice and the ending of it even more times then that. I just love the end of it. It made my heart and face smile at the same time. So happy for you. God bless you and your family, your COMPLETE family. You so deserve it. I am smiling as I write this just thinking about you and your son and husband all safe, healthy and happy and together, that is so precious and I am ecstatic that you have that for your life now. Take care. Lots of love for you <3
Sincerely libra604

Awe....thank you so much, honey! Its been a long time coming for my husband &amp; I, but we finally have our miracle child! Simple amazing feeling! :)

That is such a great story. God bless you and the new addition to the family, son Anthony. I also have a son named Anthony who is 20. Congrats again and God bless.

Awe...Anthony is a wonderful name! LOL! Thank you for the well wishes, sweetie! :)

I'm so very happy for you. I read the last part of your story with a big smile on my face and all misty eyed:-) Friends of mine have had miscarriages so I know what it can do to a person. I am so glad you two have your son. Congratulations!

Yes, a miscarriage can really change everything, but God blessed us anyway! Im thankful for that. Thank you for your comment! It means alot. :)

Many Congratulations.Good luck for this happy family :)

Thank you! :)

Congratulations on the birth of your little miracle. I read your story with a huge smile on my face as just today my sister was saying that she and her hubby were going to do this and that on specific dates (she is pregnant currently) and I just looked at her and told her you may THINK you are going to do things on your time but you are on borrowed time my friend and we are going to get this stuff done immediately lol. <br />
<br />
I am happy for you and your husband and your new little bundle. Congratulations again!

You should have your sister read my story. LOL! Yeah, hubby &amp; I planned alot of stuff, but my baby had other plans. She will find out...im sure. :)

I have 17 nieces and nephews at this point so she has been through ti with all of us before but I think she thinks she will be different lol. I am looking forward to the 2 am call. :)

Oh I see! LOL! Keep me posted on that. I would love to hear all about it! ;)

I will. I am kind of excited at this point.

I bet you are! :)

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That is wonderful! Congratulations! It sounds as though your body did everything right and your labour was really fast and intense, you can be proud of yourself to handle a natural birth. It must have been hard without your husband there. I know how badly I relied on my husband during my labours as support. I'm going now to look at the photos, I wish you and your new family a blessed happy time ahead and hope you get plenty of rest when you can.

Thank you so much! Yes, it was very hard doing it without him, but at the same time I found the humor in it. LOL! :)

CONGRADULATIONS!!!! I have not been on on a few days but was delighted to see the news..How wonderful for you and your husband on his birth!!! You did great without an epidural....GOD works in amazing grace and your son has two beautiful angels on each shoulder!! So happy for you....you are a beautiful mommy!!

Thank you so much for those sweet words. It really means alot to me! :)

I am so happy for you, it's the miracle you needed in your life, I hope he is healthy. You know he's going to worry you to death from here on out but I'm sure they will all be happy moments<br />
Congratulations young lady on the birth of your son

Oh I am sure he is going to worry me to death, but we simply must work on his impatientness once he gets older. LOL!

you sound like you'll be the best mother ever

I sure hope so! :)

Congrats on the birth of your son sweetie. I'm really happy for you and your hubby.

Thank you, sweetie!