How Baby Coutts Came Into the World

I went in for a routine 36 week sonogram & was informed my baby wasn't growing in step with my pregnancy. The baby was only at 34 weeks of growth & there was some reduction in the flow of blood through the umbilical cord.

I was immediately sent upstairs to labor & delivery for evaluation where they connected me to monitors. The monitors revealed that I was having contractions (although I wasn't feeling a thing). A doctor came in, checked my cervix (which was surprisingly uncomfortable) & told me that they were concerned because the baby's heart rate was dropping during each contraction. I was admitted for labor induction. Ready or not Baby Coutts was coming early.

I was given a hospital gown to wear & taken into another room where I would be induced. They started an IV of Oxytocin to determine my tolerance and judge the baby's reaction. All seemed well and the baby's heart rate was good.

They checked my cervix again. I was not dilating enough to continue with the induction. They said that if they forced contractions before my cervix was ready it would hurt much worse and would be, in effect, like slamming my baby's head against a closed cervix door.

They decided to use a drug called Cervidil. It is a string laced with a medication that helps to soften the cervix and aid in dilation. It takes 12 hours to finish working.

12 hours later they checked again and I still wasn't dilating so they inserted a second Cervidil around my cervix. 12 hours later they checked yet again and yet again I STILL wasn't dilating so they inserted a THIRD. 12 hours later they checked again and sure enough I hadn't dilated enough. They were impressed. Apparently not many women can go 3 Cervidil without dilating.

They opted not to insert a 4th. Instead they proceeded with the Oxytocin anyways in the hopes that my cervix would dilate on it's own once they got the ball rolling. Unfortunately it didn't.
The contractions became more intense as they pumped up the dose on the Oxytocin. I was given a small dose of Morphine. I expected to feel intoxicated because of all of the addiction stories I had heard about but I didn't. It relieved the pain but I didn't feel high.

After several more hours a doctor came in and told me that the baby's heart rate was dropping with the contractions again. They were worried for the baby and didn't think the baby would do well in vaginal delivery so they did an emergency C section.

The moment I agreed to it I found myself in a flurry of activity. I had nurses shaving me, doctors handing me anesthesia paperwork, other doctors handing me C section paperwork, nurses doing something with my IV, other nurses giving him scrubbs to change into, etc. It all happened very fast.

I was walked into a room that he wasn't allowed into just yet. I didn't like that one bit. I wanted him in there with me when they gave me the epidural. I felt them prep the area and some discomfort as they performed the epidural.

A doctor took an alcohol pad & touched my shoulder with it. He asked me to judge the cold as he touched lower and lower on my body down to my legs.

Once that was done they gave me a catheter. I felt it but it didn't hurt. Finally they let him into the room & began the C section.

At first everything seemed to go ok but then I started feeling pain, terrible pain, a pain I can't even describe. Apparently the medication had numbed my abdomen temporarily but by the time they had proceeded to cut me open it had worn off or stopped working the way it should because only my legs were numb. I was feeling everything!

I cried out "I feel it! I feel it!" but everyone misunderstood and thought I was saying that I was feeling the sensations. They didn't understand that I was feeling the pain. I cried out "I feel it! It hurts! Stop! Stop! STOP!"

He looked around the sheet & saw my intestines on my chest but by then it was too late. I felt them reach into me. I heard a baby crying. I looked at him said "our baby..." then I saw something pink being taken across the room. I heard a doctor say something to which another doctor replied "No, just put her out."

The next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery. Whatever they knocked me out with worked immediately. I had a nurse come over to me and ask me about my pain, which was terrible in no small part due to their pressing on my abdomen to check my uterus. I was given an injection of a pain medication every 15 minutes for 45 minutes until my pain was bearable.

He came into the room with the camcorder and showed me the video and pictures he had taken of my baby. I hadn't even seen my own baby yet. I was in recovery for awhile, I'm not sure how long.

Eventually I was taken into a postpardum suite. I didn't know it at the time but I had the only private room. Strange as it sounds, I can't remember who brought me my baby. I was under a lot of medication, that may be why.

I was allowed to have my baby in the room with me the entire time except for when the nurses needed to take her to the nursery to do blood work and further examinations (which didn't take long).

I was very sore, so sore that I couldn't lean forward and twist to the side to reach into her hospital bassinet to pick her up when she cried. I tried and tried but the pain was just too much. It broke my heart to hear her crying & not be able to get her. I called for the nurse to help me.

The nurse asked if I would like them to take her into the nursery for the night. I sobbed yes. Once she was out of the room I balled my eyes out. I felt like such a horrible mother for abandoning my baby to the nursery. I vowed never again would I abandon her like that.

I was breastfeeding so they brought her into me when she was ready to nurse again. I felt like I hadn't seen her in forever. I didn't want to be parted from her ever again. She stayed with me in the room from then on with one exception.

She developed jaundice and required 24 hours of light therapy in the nursery. I didn't like that one bit. I followed into the nursery & watched as they took my tiny 4 pound 12 ounce baby and put black goggles on her. I was horrified to think of her not being able to open her eyes, to wake up in the dark all alone in a bassinet without the comfort of my touch but I had no choice.

I heard a baby crying and turned to see another goggled baby, naked except for the diaper, crying in the incubator. I noticed that nobody was paying any attention to this baby crying. I said something and a nurse said "oh we like crying babies, it's a good thing."

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and a chill ran down my body. I made sure that every nurse in there knew in no uncertain terms that if MY baby cried I wanted to be fetched immediately to come & comfort her. I did NOT want my baby to be scared, to cry alone in the dark.

It was heartbreaking but absolutely necessary. I was so happy when they brought her back to me and said she didn't need any more light therapy, that her jaundice was gone. I held her close and cried that the horrible experience and separation was over for us both.

I was in the hospital a full week recovering from the C section. She was with me in a hospital bassinet beside my bed. When it came time to go home they first needed to do a car seat test to evaluate the safety of the baby in the seat. Baby and car seat both passed the test & we went home where we've lived happily ever after.

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Baby Coutts is doing great! She's growing fast and has nearly doubled in weight. I've completely healed and all is well. She has started sleeping more at night which thrills me to no end as you can imagine.