Burger Joints

I am not talking about fast food types you see today but the old type where you could smell them cooking a long ways away

1. was the A&W in our little town where did still had the roller skates, i remeber the ruls of the places and the jocks that thought the ruled the world during certain hours of the day.
that only they could park in the drive up area other had to park on the grass and walk over and sit at tables.

but then again rules were made to be broken and we broken them all the time but none of the jocks would say much to our face and beside we drove the choppers and had the 58 corvette

they would not give any of our grop a bad that as that really brought the whole group down on them and there coach as the weight room they used was in our gast station and there off school training track was on our bosses land and we took care of it

the second place that stands out was overin the city SF down by the beach and just a block from playland
and each one was hand formed and fried with onions and the tase was out of this world back then
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 6, 2012