And I Really Miss It

Lately I have been reminiscing on my childhood. Back when my parents didn't hate me so much, life wasn't so complicated and furthermore; back when I was happy. I can't help but wish I could go back, if only for an instant.
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17 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Thank you so much lagatta, you are very sweet

Ouch, that's sad! My parents were the same way and it hurt. <br />
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You are at a tough age. You parents may be having a hard time letting go and seeing you as an adult. <br />
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Good luck!

I don't know, I'd hope so but I think a lot of things will remain unsaid when I leave off to college next year..

Can you and your parents come to a point where you just respect your differences? No one has to give in.. Or if it's more complicated can you come to a compromise?

it is like a horror movie! beware of the arorin coming to git you!

haha lol :D

well fine i will come and get you then!

hahaha lol you won't have to drag me

well you have me as a friend. If I have to I will drag you away and show you the best times.

I hope so :)

No looking back, but there will be better times ahead for you.

I too wonder that every day of my life...

That's pretty much sums up my relationship with my parents. To be honest, sometimes I wonder why they had me.

Me and my parents don't see eye to eye :(<br />
<br />
It's practically impossible to mend our relationship because they're the ones unwilling to give in..they don't care...

why did they hate you?..<br />
It isn't too late for everything.<br />
You just have to talk to your parents very sincerely<br />
open your heart not your ego.

Aww thank you! You are very sweet!

That was cute..