I Love My Life Before

I always remember my childhood days. It's fun and great. no worries, no responsibilities, just playing and more playing.
I love being take cared by my parents especially my mom.
I missed my child fights with my sisblings.
I miss my lounch box and school uniforms.
I miss the whole school.
my classmates,  our escapeds, and stupidity. lol :)
It is so fun. I'm living in euphoria that time.

But then it happens so quick , I couldn't even noticed the changes around me.
Everybody grew old and I felt I left behind.
feels like everyone's gone.

Wish I could bring back the time over and over again.
But it can't. :)

So I just reminise those days that happens in my life.

HelleinaEve HelleinaEve
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

I know mine were great, too! I do miss my childhood. Hugs, LW