Quand J'étais Petit...

I used to play with my best friends and my sister in the field behind our house. We lived together--all of us. It was ideal, to say the least. I have this clear image of Kendra running through the tall grass, her little white dress billowing out behind her. For her, each step was a graceful leap. She would fly over the ground. Jase would be right behind her, or soaring beside her.

They were a step ahead of me from day one, really. They were never for this world. They were something better. Jase still is to this day.

Kendra may be gone now, but I will always remember the time we all collapsed on the picnic blanket in the backyard after one of our runs...Kendra looked at me. She smiled, like she was far away. She was always far away.

"I hope things just stay like this," she said. She believed it then.

I remember knowing that Kendra's kind of beauty was doomed. She was always so far above us. Sometimes I was jealous of the things she could do, and now I wish I could take it back. Too late, I realize that I should have just enjoyed living close to the birds, rather than wishing I had wings.

Kendra has her own wings now.
RichieChevalier RichieChevalier
Aug 1, 2010