Ouch may not be enough. I clearly remember the blessd event of a friend's bike showing up on the block. We had at least 20 kids in the neighborhood.Everyone wanted a ride on the new contraption. Around the block and back so another person could jump on. Well ..I was very young, never rode a two wheeler before this day. My turn came and on I went.  Looked easy enough..not so by any means. I got it going. Wiggled and wobbled , hit a huge crack in the sidewalk. You know the big ones where the root of a tree lifted the cement?  Yeah..So that lurch threw me to the right and then against  the tree. Everything hurt..my scraped knee, elbow and my toe. Sadly my red flip flop , flopped off and my toe was poked by a branch.   I limped to the bike..all was well and no damage. Happily no giggly friend saw my accident. I got back on that thing and around the corner to home. There remained a flock of children awaiting their turns..I was never so happy to give up a thing as that bike.  
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Here's a good note: The girl whose bike we were sharing just found me on facebook.. after 53 years and she remembered me!