Don't I Ever

As I was a computer professional for 31 years ending 10 years ago, as you can see most of my computer time waswell before the Internet. And when you consider I am 70 years old, much of my life has been before computers

Before the Internet, if you wanted to look something up that could be a real chore - access the public library, look up in the card catalog, Oh that book isn't at this branch, and the branch it's at - sorry it's checked out. We'll put it on inter-library loan. You'll get a postcard in maybe a couple of weeks so you can come in to get the book..

Thinking about a dirty magazine - wait, is that your boss over there? What if he sees you buying that trash?

Did Your old high school make the local news  - a thousand miles away. Maybe somebody will send you a newspaper clipping - if they remember you.

And snail mail - what is that - nothing is better than the U.S. Post office [or Royal Mail].

And along with the Internet came the personal computer the beginning of the end of hand writing as we used to know it.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
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Aug 1, 2010