Thank You Al Gore

On this day.....the Birthday of this great thing...that allows up to have the Cyber Disneyland in our lives......I think that we should really thank Former Vice President Al Gore for giving us this great place.....For in the past he has taken credit for inventing this great thing....

So lets all give him a slap on the face....Oooops...It should have read "On the back"herhehehe

To Al Gore....the "Inventor of t he World Wide Internet
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4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Thanks...I am glad to know that it was not lost on everyone

Sorry.....If my sarcasm did not come across here......Was making a little funny......Guess it was not funny enough

Al Gore didn't invent www. I think it is the birthday of the world wide web not the internet.

yea, who would've thought to invent something with all them tubes and highways and stuff ;p