I Don't Know If remember, Is The Best Word To Use.

After all, it was a long time ago, and they had beer and pot back then, too. And i was a restless teenager, waiting to finish school. I actually took "Basic" computer programming when I was in high school, in 1982 or 83. Prior to that, my father, who worked for an agricultural pesticide company, i distinctly remember him being amazed when he accessed some grain reports in Western Canada, all the way from New Jersey. Around that time i also remember the exact day MTV came on the air with "Video Killed the Radio Star."And the most advanced video game was "Defender" or "Galaga". Before then, my hometown was much more agricultural within the city limits. So we walked home from school through the orchards to smoke pot and hang out (On the way to school, too) Extracurricular activities were big. Cross-country practice. Or rehearsal for the latest play I was in. Not that I wasn't sitting in front of the TV too, the computer's predecessor, in a way, of a time occupier and babysitter. Let's see, it was Brady-Bunch, Lucy, An hour of MASH, maybe some Hogan's Heroes or Partridge Family.
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And "Cobol", was it?

I remember learning Basic and Fortran.

There was 5 channels, Public, abc cbs nbc and then an independent (fox) Remember battle of the network stars...no fox. HR PUFFINSTUFF, SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS Hey this is our time my friend. Notice there playing depeche mode and the cure (examples i don't know if they actually are) in commercials now.