I Guess It Is The Birthday Of The Internet Or World Wide Web Today And I Saw This Group And Wanted To Share My Experience Of Life Without Internet

So I was born february 1985. As a kid computers were primitive compared to how they are now. None of them had mouses, all of them used floppy disks, computer paper had to be loaded a specific way along little dots on perforated edges. The first time I used the internet I was 13 at my uncle's house and the first thing I did on it was chat. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I became addicted to chat and ignored people, lol. I forget when I got a computer with internet but it was after we had moved in 1993, and after I was 13. Anyway we had the prodigy dialup internet service. We got some email addresses. My first email address was at this website I went to gurl something or something gurl...Chat then didn't need any kind of chat server, you just went to the website and it was chat right there. Now you need to have AIM, IRC etc. Also people who didn't know each other would easily talk to each other and no one cared that you were a stranger, people were less inhibited on chat. Unfortunately I do not have memory of how things evolved from first using the internet to now. I can't remember the first time I did not use dialup, just remember having it and then having dsl. My memory really sucks now. But I remember things used to be a whole lot different with computers as a kid. There was something when I was in elementary school called a "computer nerd". Since i was already a nerd by virtue of being smart and reading books and wearing glasses, I refused to spend any time with computers unless it was forced on me. I always said, "I hate computers, computers are boring and take too much math!"lol In fact, everyone agreed with me on this point(most people) except computer nerds. There was nothing interesting you could do on computers according to me and all my classmates. As time went on, school started requiring you to type all your homework and print it on the computer. As more people started using the internet people stopped hating computers in general. Another thing different is videogames. When I was a kid I never played video games unless I was visiting a boy's house because the popular consensus was they were for boys. Now all kids play them but most of them are a complete waste of time. Some of them are ok, but most of them are mindless and teach no skills that apply to the real world. I was an active little kid that hated sitting in one place. But now all kids enjoy sitting in front of their monitor. Granted *I* sit in front of a monitor all day too, but I am also not a kid anymore and am done playing and have less energy.
What do I think kids should do instead? What i did. play with sidewalk chalk, toss a ball, hoola hoop, play frisbee, play board games, play pretend or hide and seek or tag or something, draw and color, ride a bike, rollerskate, turn cartwheels, create treasure hunts, etc.
My husband is older than me by 8 years and says that he used the internet even as a teenager but he describes it as being bulletin boards. On the other hand him and his friends were also genius computer hackers as teenagers. I was not, lol. But the internet did grow on me and now I use it for nearly everything. I don't use a map anymore, I have the internet. I don't need to buy books on a topic, I use the internet. I don't need to put a check in the mail, I use online banking. I don't need to go fill out an application, I fill out one online(in fact, some places don't even give another option for applying to their business). I don't need a support group, I have the internet. I don't need to socialize to find out what events or activities are going on or what is going on with people, I use the internet. I don't need to use a newspaper for any reason, except for the reason that I don't own a laptop computer. I don't need to use a phonebook but one is still always dropped off at the door each year.
Internet makes it easy to be lazy and makes being lazy easy. everything takes less effort and time. At the same time it puts us in our own heads more and we forget our outer surroundings when before we were more in touch with the outer world.
the internet's vast information has advanced me as a person especially socially to a degree I could've spent my whole life and never reached, as well as spiritually, and intellectually, and has saved me time. At the same time, it has made me more lazy than if I had watched 10 times as much tv.
I am not someone who tries to have the latest technology, I always initially resist it especially if it looks trendy or "everyone is doing it" because it seems like a waste of time before it is replaced by some other new thing. I remember not wanting a cell phone even though everyone was getting one(I was I think 18 when I got one finally). It was not because of anything obvious. I had a dream I was trapped in an elevator stalled with my mom and sister one night and my sister who had a cellphone pulled hers out and said"I have a cellphone, I can save us!" So I woke up with the idea I had to get one in case I was stalled on the side of the road somewhere or other practical reasons. I am not overly practical but I saw it was a convincing reason I should logically get one. Nowadays, i do not see the advantage of these new touch screen phones with a computer keypad like everyone has, what is wrong with ordinary phone buttons? why do I need a minicomputer on my phone? The last time I used internet on my phone it was slow and sucked major time. I am holding out until I think they have the technology perfected, only then will I buy in. I have a computer and a phone and a tv, I do not need a computer, phone, and tv in one device, that's stupid, what is the point? Why are people swiss-army-kniving their technology now? If you can present to me a reason that the new technology provides me a benefit I cannot presently get from something else and that I really need it, maybe I will buy the new phones.
Anyway, this totally went off track didn't it?
Anyway, yeah, I remember older technology. For example, why can't you rewind and fast forward a cd to specific points? I would think it would be in the modern designer's capabilities.
I am never satisfied with the current technology. It is always worse than it was before, or not as good as it should be, lol.
From my point of view, nothing ever actually changes though. If I think about it, a lot has changed. But I feel like nothing has changed.
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Am born in Feb too 11 years earlier, and true to your point there are several lighter moments, life before internet and this like using an advanced technology much convenient to share our thoughts and experiences long kept in memory.