It Was Different

When I see, how kids are sitting nowadays at the computer and really have no idea, what kind of weather is outside or season, I remember how we usually went out short after dawn and came back when it already was dark... We just had a fun, built our treehouses, played cowboys and indians etc. But much more changed world the mobile phone. You must be all the time reachable and no deals are secure anymore. Before it was pretty exceptional, when someone didn't appear to appointment or so... now they just call and say: "Hey, something came to between, I can't come!" or when you don't answer your phone and ask later "why didn't you come?" they even blame you: "You didn't answer your phone, I wanted to tell that I'm not comin'" Yeah, people do not keep their word anymore... sad
GinaConvair GinaConvair
41-45, F
Feb 11, 2009