I loved reading books and writing letters back in the day. I read a good book instead of surfing the web. I wrote long letters instead of posting updates. Gosh I miss those days. I remember how relaxing yet entertaining it felt to do either. The last time I held a pen it felt so awkward. If I don't change my habits as of right now I may forget how to write. *smh*
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I still read a lot - I like the feel of books which e-books will never replace. The one thing I am glad of is that I did all my delinquent acts before the internet was invented - I wouldn't want them coming back to haunt me!


I still read books, but luckily I can carry quite a few on my eReader.
I write "letters," but now they arrive at their destination in seconds, minutes or hours rather than days / weeks; and I'm not having to spend a small fortune on Liquid Paper ;-)
My handwriting is OK, but I notice that my signature has deteriorated over time.