I remember I used to go outside with my friends and hang out and jump rope etc
Kayl1995 Kayl1995
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I want those days back myself. Aaah!

Yeah those days were amazing ...when the street lights came on or when it gets dark you know you had to come inside.during the summer you get to stay out late ,sit on the porch and eat ice cream

The "People" I live with, (NOT my 'Parents') don't let me Trick-Or-Treat & dress up for Halloween anymore, just because they think I'm "Too Old" I had a GREAT costume idea in reach just the other day too. :'( :'(

Wow maybe they just don't want you to get hurt cause of all the crazy people in the world . I miss the 90's such a simpler time

I miss the 90s too, for Many reasons. There's several Video Games & Cartoons/Anime u never see anymore, save on YouTube.

Right like super Mario and pokemon

I usually look for James Bond Jr, Double Dragon & Sailor Moon.
Looking for those & a couple other series on DVD


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