I lived with the Amish as a kid. I remember life before electricity! ;)
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Lol. I'm sure you have a lot of interesting stories being raised by the Amish.

I still want to read about canning bees....lol...

Me too..... I've never heard of a canning bee before. Is that like a spelling bee?

What's all the buzz? lmao....gosh...how Katherine Hepburn of me...lol...

Canning bee, quilting bee are just a gathering of a bunch of people to can vegetables and make stew for the winter.
They had this huge cast iron pot and everybody brought veggies to throw in there and meat and they'd can it in jars.
They had root cellars underground that stayed cool in summer and warm in winter and that's where they kept the canned goods :)


Me too, Jim....I was starting to feel sorry for the poor bees....lmao....now I feel sorry for the veggies....lmao....
I have to say....it is a great idea....stew for all my Amish friends....

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Wow! I am sure you had a very interesting childhood. Do you miss something of that way of life?

I miss the community events a lot. Barn raisings, canning bees, firewood gatherings and such. That was fun! I'm not so sure I could do without all the luxuries now though! Lol

Ummm....canning bees? Fun?? Getting stung??? Lol....I guess you had to be there....lol...

Lmao....gee...how many 30-something year olds, living in the western world, can say that?

I had a older guy tell me how rough they had it as kids without all the stuff we have today and I replied "yeah, I remember those days too!" The old fart called me a smart ***! Lol

How old was the guy? I am in the slot of oldest people around here and I remember electricity at home since birth.

Dude-- Amish!!!!

Lol. I get it now!! Sorry!

Well....you sort of are a smart ***....LMAO....love it!

No! He was pissed and walked away! Lol
You're right pinky, I am and I'm proud! :P

....and so you should be, jp!!! lol.... :D

Hmm really? Most don't consider it a virtue... Lol

I'm not a smart ***! Haha!
The guy I was referring to walking to school and not having tv so I told him I remembered not having electricity and that's when he called me a smart ***! ;)

Oh...come on....you are...a bit....lol.... did you let him know you were Amish when you made the remark? : D

Are all the comments jumbled up on here to you guys? Idk what happened but they aren't in order and now my OCD is flipping out!

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