And Now You Have the Rest of the Story

This last line of his commentary was one of my favs.  Our whole family would sit around the radio each afternoon to listen.  Then the adults would talk about what we had just heard.  I guess you could say this was my introduction into learning about the world outside of my home.  Then in school my required weekly current event set in motion the foundation of learning the importance of knowing what is going on.

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wait the radio show The childrens Hour! thank11s

My dad was a broadcaster for 30 years and he used to tell me, Listen to Paul Harvey, the way he writes, the way he tells a story. No extra words, just the facts, clear and concise with a dose of wit and charm. We'll all miss that, won't we?

His son is still doing the show<br />
and that's the rest of the story

I used to listen to him every chance I could.

he was a great American and that time in our history has sadly passed.