It's a pretty crazy story. And something that almost traumatized me forever.. I was 16, she just turned 15. We had been talking for a little while online, and decided to meet at a park near where we lived. She brought her friend, and I was there playing some baseball by myself. She came there, and gave me a hug and I said hi to her friend. We all talked about some crazy things we've done. Her friend was a ****. She was like 15 and had 8 sex partners already. It was getting kinda late, and we decided to play truth or dare. Nothing was really all that fun and her friend decided to go. So me and her were still playing truth or dare. We went to a bench to play, and I dared her to sit on my lap. She did. She dared me to make out with her and we did. We made out for a good 5 or so minutes before she took my hand and we went back my car. We got in the car and started kissing and she started rubbing my ****. Next thing I remember is I sit up and pull my shorts off, and she starts sucking my ****. It felt so good, I never felt something feel this good. I sat back and relaxed. I then put my fingers near her vagina, and realized how wet she was. She was dripping! I inserted 1 finger in and started to finger her. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried to remember some stuff I had seen in ****. It was after like 3 minutes of fingering her, she hops on my ****, and I ****** her for a good 5 minutes. Her ***** was so tight, I didn't think my **** would fit. And by no means am I large, only about 5.5" to 6". But pretty wide. After that, she comes off and starts sucking me off for a while. To this day, she's the only girl that didn't make me ***. No idea how I didn't. She still didn't have any pants on, when we saw a light coming into the parking lot. She quickly takes my **** out of her mouth and sits up. The light gets to the car and it turns out it was her father and her brother. They come up to the car and take her out and saw her without any pants on. They told me to get out and were yelling at me. I was never so scared in my life before. I kept saying "sir" " I'm sorry sir!" Kept trying to talk and such. He wanted to know how old I was, so I gave him my license. He tried to say I was 17, but I clearly wasn't. This was back in November of 2010, and I was born in 1994. He called his wife, and she came to yell at me too. I then told her I had to pick up my mom from work, she followed me to the work. Spoke to my mom on and said the girl said I forced her to do everything, in which I didn't, she was the one all over me. And said that I might be charged with rape. I was petrified for a week before the girl messaged me on a social media saying that things where fine, and she said that because she was scared. And she would keep messaging me to come to her house and how she loved me and whatnot, but I was way to scared that her parents where going to chop my head off or something.. And that's how I lost my virginity.
aphillips310 aphillips310
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014