Be Proud To Like Michael Jackson

i dont like how society has made me feel ashamed to say i"i like michael jackson" i want to tell people i like his music and play it loud but i feel that i would be judged. jst remember this... he was proved innocent in the court of law! so why do some people still say hes guilty? what more do they want. im going to start being proud to be an MJ fanxx when i was younger i had about 50 pictures of him on my wall:-))))
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2011

What matters for me is not what he did or did not. The fact is there is no one that equals him. He is simply created to please us

omg me 2!

I to! liked Michael Jackson! I to like his music! :D <br />
While i posted pics, of Donny Osmond on bedroom wall! :D my best, mate had pics of Michael Jackson plastered all over her bedroom wall lollol :D She to! still likes him singing! :D <br />
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Who cares. you like him,, you like him! so what!! Your choice, no-one elses! lol : D I can't see your hurting anyone! :D Go for it! lol :D <br />
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Thank you for sharing your post my yong friend! :D