Such Bad Luck

I have been an MJ fan since I was 4, though my serious "obsession" began when I was 8. I outgrew the obsession thing before I finished high school, but remained a faithful (and sane) fan. After the trial in 2005 I thought for sure than any opportunity to see him perform was gone. I got married that year and my  sweet husband made me a promise that if, by some miracle, MJ should ever perform live again, he would make certain that I was there to see it. Im sure you know where this is going. MJ would be in London for 50 concerts. My husband was up getting tickets at 3am. I thought the time would never pass soon enough. We were going to London in August. It seemed like forever away. I had a miserable summer job at Wal Mart that year and the thought of going to London for the concert was all that kept my spirits up. I was in a mandatory employee meeting when I found out the news. Someone got a notification on their phone and shared it with the group. A few others checked their own news sources to confirm. My husband was waiting for me outside the employee back room and I was so glad he was there. He just gave me a big hug and didn't even say a word. He could tell that I knew. 

We went to London anyway and tried to make a vacation of it. It was a pretty dreary vacation, but we made the best of it.
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May 21, 2012