Growing up I heard all sorts of stories about Michael Jackson. I was first really introduced to his music when I was about 7,8 or 9, my uncle had a collection of music videos or a concert of him or something and he was showing us on his TV and that was when I first knew what the moon walk was.
I didn't really understand him or his music so I didn't like him. My older sister loved him, which was also a reason for me not to like him. Seems silly now, but when I was younger I seemed to stay away from things that my sisters liked because I didn't want to like the same thins as them.
After seeing his video clip for Earth Song, I liked it, but that was the only song I allowed myself to like...hahaha
Anyway, after he passed away in 2009, I rediscovered his music and realised that there are quite a few songs that I actually really like. 'You are not Alone' was one of them, which features Lisa Marie Presley in the video clip.
I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and they were playing one of his songs that doesn't seem to be played much, but I like it and found myself singing along to it. Here it is:

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Aug 28, 2012