Michael Jackson my have been a man by today's standards but in his mind he was still a boy. Michael never had a normal childhood,and was frequently abused by his father.
The media turned him into a freak,a pervert,a *********. But in reality he never was any of those things. I don't think he was ever really happy in his whole life. To be called those name by the media must have hurt him so badly.
Plagued with so many demons,Michael,to try and silence them he by accident killed himself. His music made so many happy,there will never be another like him.
In all seriousness my life is near worthlessness if I could trade places in the grave with Michael, given him a second chance at life I would. He made so many people happy with his music
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I know that he didn't kill himself. Because you have to think would you wanna kill yourself in the first place? Specially if your in your right mind.