Yea, I Remember the Time :)

I was born in '82, and had an older brother for 8 years of my life, so I was led into Michael Jackson (among others of the time) without really knowing who the heck he was. I remember my brother and his friends doing weird dances to his blaring music, and not understanding it too well.

Then I remember, when I was all alone (brother died, sis moved out, parents having a totally overdramatic and harsh divorce), and one morning I remember seeing a Michael Jackson video, they aired it because it wasn't actually released in the US (the video, anyways, not officially), it was "Leave Me Alone", and I was awed by it's animation uses and such. A couple of years later I remember Oprah interviewing Michael.

Also that year my mom and I got into one of those cd deals where you get 8 free for buying 6 more in two years...yea, one of those things. I remember I picked the "Dangerous" cd, and it was the first Michael Jackson CD I've ever personally owned, and I treasured it deeply. One day when I had 3 friends come home with me after school (I lived close to school at the time, and seldom ever had friends over, especially on a weekday), I remember one of the 'cool kids' in school flipping through my cd jacket. This was right in the middle of the '93 molestation scandal and all, and I was thinking "Oh man, the cool kid is gonna think I'm weird for liking Michael Jackson!" and all sorts of thoughts like that. It stunned me when he got to the Dangerous cd, he stopped a minute, ran his finger along the lines of art with Michael's eyes in the center, and said something like "Yea man, who cares, I love listening to him, that's a good cd there." and I then realized just how far-reaching his music was; how so many people felt such familiarity with him.

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I heard my favorite song this morning: "The Man in the Mirror" I sat on the edge of the bed and thank karma because I am trying to make some positive changes in my life, and I had just told my husband last night,"I got to start with that person that I see in the mirror everymorning I wake up..." I am deeply sadden by his passing, I got that "Thriller album as a graduation present in '83, I will never forget it....RIP MICHAEL RIP!!

" Awesome Story remember right with you thank you .. LCW