Rock With You!


It was 1983, long before Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation;  and one of the greatest things for us 80’s chicks was being dropped off at the local skating rink to skate for several hours.  Little did our parents know but we all had our respective boyfriend.  Back in the day we didn’t switch boys more often than we changed our panties as some seem to do today and my boyfriend was Marty.  My parents thought I was much too young to love Marty and absolutely forbid me to “go steady” with him.  I was grown up however and that was my man.  He was also the boy I wanted to spend the most time with, holding hands and skating.  We never kissed, never had sex, but some of my special relationship memories were thanks to this young man as we were couple skating to Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You.”  


 I was thinking about Marty when I heard the news today and it triggered memories for him as well because he left me a message on my voicemail.  I am supposed to call him to meet for coffee when he comes back to the states in July.  I am sure we will be talking more about Michael Jackson’s death and some of those happy memories remembering when we shared gum from each others mouth and skating the nights away on the old hardwood floor. Too bad I still won’t be claiming that kiss!!


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thanks for your comment.

I loved this song a LOT.

rock with you also had a dance attached to it,....everyone that was into michael knew the rock dance...what a great track.

Thanks Sara

Remarkable story girl- really brought back memories I had too!