Farah Fawcett Died Too

Farah Fawcett died yesterday also and no one has said anything much bout that.  Ok so she wasnt a big star like Michael Jackson but I feel the need to pay tribute to her as well.

RIP Farah!

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4 Responses Jun 26, 2009

I could NOt agree more! One human is not more important than any another! A life is a life and a death is a death! Famous or not, Farrah (and Michael) was a human, first, and her death SHOULD have been given the SAME respect as that of MJ! That is all there is to it! MJ might have been more famous, but that did NOT make him more important! He was, first of all, a sicko, and even if he hadn't been,... There is NO excuse for the fact that Farrah's death was almost comletely ignored!

Poor Ryan. I feel for him. And thier son being in jail. He<br />
<br />
will never forget that. It will be a hard road for him.

Yes, they're both incredibly sad stories. Michael Jackson's death was so sudden to us all, Farrah's was expected, but none the less tremendously sad for all that. She had a difficult life (like Michael) in lots of ways, and she deserves to be remembered. I wrore my own little tribute in 'I'm praying for Farrah' yesterday.<br />
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I believe you are right and my heart goes out to Ryan and her kids!