A Brilliant Artist Will Be Missed!

I am absolutely shocked that he has passed away.

I grew up with his music, he was brilliant, his music is unbelievable. It is so sudden. He revolutionized music. there is so much I could express, I am just speechless.

Baileybis Baileybis
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 26, 2009

Absolutely agree. And he was THE greatest dancer on the planet. As a performer, he had no equal. As a person, he was kind, gentle, sweet, and a credit to the human race he genuinely loved, as well as a friend to all living beings. Yes, he was human, but I very much doubt he will ever be understood. Let it lie. I loved him, and will always love him, dearly.

he is a hero in Japan....

I have the same feeling- my brother bought his CDs on the way home from work today, and he said they were almost sold out. He was a super hero in Japan...