An Argument About Mj I Had With a Stupid Girl

 My Wall Post _ I wish people would shut up about MJ being weird and ****, were you there? Can you prove he molested children? How do you know they didn't lie to get money? All you know is what the media has fed you. Try living your own life and leaving other people's alone. 9 minutes ago · Comment · Like    Tifat 01:41 on 27 June how do you know he DIDNT?!??  Meat 01:43 on 27 June I cant prove he didn't, but you cant prove he did, you can't accuse someone of something you aren't positive of. However I am dissappointed Ferrah isn't getting more recognized.....thats just ****** up  Tif at 01:46 on 27 June i doubt those kids lied about that.. he was probably creepy. maybe he didnt "mean to" but just came off as an old man that liked to hug and "snuggle" with 5 year olds... totally common right??    Me 01:53 on 27 June Let's put it this way Pretend you adore kids and you like to hold them and hug them and play with them, innocently and then some kid goes and says you molested them because they know they can win to get money. So it's okay then if I call you a child molester? If I wasn't there? Can I prove it even if you say you didn't? Then when the media covers it and everyone hates you because they believe everything they are fed, will that make it right for people to accuse you       My point? You are no one to judge someone you don't personally know.

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LOVE MJ thanks so much for this michael would love you!!!

i'm so proud :-) <3 LOVE YOU MJ

Tell 'em girlfriend!

The american law wouldn't just let a so called ********* off for molesting or sexually abusing people, is that why he got released of 14 charges?, **** YOU MAN! idiots like you who are tabloid junkies and like what the media say and ignore the truth, behaving like a ******* headless chicken, look at the facts first before you accuse innocent Michael Jackson. Iv'e been a victim of abuse and i still stand firm that Michael Jackson did not do nothing wrong, also use all the knowledge you have to back accusations because i hate people who come on forums and fight and say things about Michael Jackson and yet have no proof or backing but 'aah i feel sorry for those kids that were abused and they were not lying', im sorry to break it to you but the Jewish boys mother had scammed a celebrity before she took her and her sons trashy *** to never land and instead of appreciating that Michael Jackson had saved her sons life from cancer, by treating it through doctors and paying for it, she stabbed him in the back and instead thought i'l use him as a money making scheme! soon as she entered never land and there came about these ******* accusations of abuse! All so to top it all off, why on the day of the court hearing did those children decide to take a holiday rather then get justice for the 'abuse' they suffered? And why when Michael Jackson died did that 'victim' of so-called 'abuse' did he apologies in front of the media and saying 'sorry Michael'? GUILT, AND GUILT KILLS! That's why he committed suicide! lowlife scum! Say and hate as much as you want as the truth is staring at you in the face but your'e despicable people who cant help yourselves from picking a fight over Michael Jackson and take any opportunity to **** me and his fans off! as i said if your'e in the ring to fight come equipped and prepared before you get knocked back down! Michael Jackson Unbreakable remember that *******! Hate all you want your'e all blind ****** for believing the media over an innocent mans plea to bring peace and justice in the world! R.I.P Michael Jackson may god give you a place in heaven xx (lots of love for all the fans and a big fat **** for the haters butts!)

he is innocent and we don't need to prove that **** you haters cause we are not wasting our time on you

Good for you.