You Know Its Thriller...

I think it might be hard for anyone to not have memories of Michael Jackson... and when I say memories, I mean mixed memories at best.

He was a talented musician and one who left a legacy of music as well as a legacy of crazy antics from his personal life.  There are some things that seem to bubble up from his personal life that should not be overlooked or dismissed, however, at this moment all I can think of is growing up with Michael Jackson even though I didn't know him personally.

Michael Jackson's Thriller was released in 1982.  I was just over three years old at the time.  My sister is eleven years older than me.  She was the original MTV generation.  MTV was her life's blood.  MTV was her culture and in 1982, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was not just a music video -- it was an epic mini-musical that changed the way many people looked at Jackson not just as a performer but as a musical force.  He created a space for creativity in MTV and in music videos and in music entertainment that had not even been dreamed of by so many.

At 3 years old, nothing scared me more than "Thriller."  I have vivid memories of my sister "torturing" me by pinning me down on the ground and forcing me to watch "Thriller" while I would try and kick and scream... all the while she would just laugh.

Today, we laugh at this together.  It is amazing to think that Thriller used to scare me so much.  Something that now I have such an amazing respect for... something that I can't help but think of when I think of the evolution of the music video.

Michael Jackson was an interesting character, this can't be denied.

I don't know a single person that can't help but smile when a Jackson 5 song comes on.

"A-B-C.  It's easy as 1-2-3."

I don't know a single person who doesn't know that "Billie Jean was not his lover... she was just a girl who thinks that he was the one."

I don't know a single person who doesn't "wanna be startin' somethin'"

I can wax poetic on this subject, but I tip my hat to Michael Jackson because of the music he has left us with.  Music that has been a part of my parents' lives, my sister's life, my life and the generation that comes after me.  Music that will always be there, garnering new fans.... and one day, when "Thriller" plays on an oldies station... I will say, I remember when.

I remember when Michael Jackson...

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He was a great pedo. R.i.p. mj

Michael who? I don't think he recorded anything memorable. He was more of a lost soul looking for his identity. Unfortunately, like many people, his 15 minutes were up before he was able to break out of the superficial.

to anyone with a negative comment please no more it starting to resemble elementary school<br />
now there is so much music out there so many styles sounds etc it's virtually endless<br />
i am a music lover this everyone on EP knows i think it's sad but also pretty low of anyone<br />
to bash an artist believe it or not there are fans out there for every singer band whatever<br />
u might not like rap for instance but there are tons of people who do there are people who<br />
don't like let's say tupac shaqur but then there are the ones who think he was a genius in <br />
his own way ahead of his time with the stuff he wrote many people love ELVIS many don't<br />
but he DID have TALENT i more than sure that what u heard on the radio or on sa record that <br />
that was his voice maybe some songs weren't his and we can't do anything about that <br />
he had some bad-*** hips and that sexy pouty lip curl look he was not perfect no one is<br />
but he was pretty damn hat sexy popular and sold millions of records and still till this day<br />
so what does that tell u ? he has impacted so many lives from the first record and his first<br />
appearace to his last performance and continues with his music plus Graceland that's also making a killing they all have something diffderent their own unique style michael jackson<br />
the king of pop i totally agree with that he was a musical genius he had more control in tne studio than elvis and actually many other artists michael wrote most of his songs or had some<br />
kind of input in everything he did just the fact that his voice was what u heard when u played<br />
his record album tape cd whatever it bothers me when people say he didn't write the song <br />
or compose it or this or that doesn't the fact that he recorded it did it over and over learned <br />
the music put it all toigether with his voice his voiice okay ! when u hear a song what do<br />
u really hear the music is one becauyse thats how it starts right then the artists voice joins <br />
in it's a partnership a collaboration each one compliments each other u can do acapella<br />
or music just instrumental but we all know and i'm sure all agree that music sounds better<br />
with the right voice and lyrics and vice versa now can't we all like who we want to like withoutr<br />
being judged or laughed at or mocked or whatever music is the b-all end all just try and<br />
imagine life this planet earth the universe without music all music it's all beautiful its<br />
awesome it's life altering it's lifesaving its life itself for many music has power it impacts<br />
lives it can stir up all kinds of feelings behaviors so in a nutshell music is more important<br />
many of u don't even realize how important is is or how it's impacted your life in many positive ways don't reject it embrace it it's all around us for the taking not foresaking because it<br />
is 'ALL GOOD' now go put on a cd or the radio i always play music while i'mon EP lol !<br />
right now i'm listening to a cd it's stevie wonder's best hits cd collection - pretty cool !!!

Man oh Man! Just sitting here with my cup of coffee so much enjoying the video and MJ. I am an old fan. My world is about as different as anyone's could be from his world but I always loved and still love his music. Thanks for the video viewing. Blessings to everyone on EP from a southeast TN farm :):):)

Man oh Man. How great to see that video again. I did love and still love his music. It reminds me of my younger years. Thanks so much for putting the video in here for us to enjoy. I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and a little sewing craft thing on Sat. morning in East TN and having a blast. I am about as detached from his world as anyone on EP probably but I am still a old fan. Blessings to you today EP friends.

For someone who claims to hate someone, you sure know a hell of a lot about him. Your post reeks of inaccuracy, but if it makes you feel just a bit better, carry on LOL.<br />
<br />
For the last time, Elvis was a FRAUD! He didn't invent rock n roll. Stop giving him a title he didn't claim. Thats whats wrong with you mfers. Giving praise to false claims and attaching them to the undeserved. Presley himself never claimed to have invented rock 'n' roll. He was influenced by BLACK gospel music, and the blues. His love and study of BLACK gospel music and the blues aided him to have a "black feel" to his music. So he didn't invent ****, he just popularized it. BAM!<br />
<br />
WTF is the sun people huh? Egypt is in Africa afterall or are you one of those people who don't see Egypt as being apart of Africa? lol.<br />
<br />
Love for who? spell it out. Looks like you was trying to type out the N word. Now whose the racist here? LMFAO! Elvis didn't pioneer anything except his drug habit. I will continue to respond to your posts until you blow a blood vessel. You seem to get closer to doing so with each post.

@ MarkusGP you claim to not like Elvis, but you're up here mad as hell, typing in an aggressive manner like an Elvis fan lolol.<br />
<br />
But um no sweetie I am not racist. lololololol. Elvis didn't make anything his own. He straight up jacked all his moves. As I said, he was not even close to being original. LOL @ some of his best friends were black. Where at all does that fit into your argument. If I had said he was racist, then I could see your reason for typing that, lol. Although I think he preferred his drugs more than anything. :-)<br />
<br />
MJ was a what? spell it out because all I see are a bunch of asterisks lololol. MJ clearly wasn't a pedo honey. The 20yr FBI file that was relased after his death proved that. TRY AGAIN!<br />
<br />
Oh and lastly, I have a life DARLING. Maybe its you that need to seek one.

Elvis's fans tickle me to death. They continuously bash anything pertaining to MJ. Why are you all mad? Is it because MJ broke Elvis's records, or he married Lisa? lololol.<br />
<br />
Elvis is the king of stealing. Everything he is famous for, he stole from other people. His dance moves especially. Not an original bone in his body, or whats left of it.

I'm only 14 but I thank my parents for raising me with his music. And to the that earlier comment, Lenin and Elvis are overrated. And Elvis was racist, stole songs from black people and claimed them as his own.

He will be missed forever though he continues to liveon in our memories and music. What better way to share his life journey with his most personal family album pictures. Read more on

I've realized many people older than you didn't even know Michael Jackson when he was very popular when he was 10 along with his brothers. I was crazy about the Jackson 5 and so all of my friends and cousins. We would tell fantazies about them and I even told myself that when I grow up I was going to marry one of those brothers, I didn't care which one. Well, it didn't happen. <br />
The Jacksons were in my entire life. Not just when Thriller came out. I was also blessed enough to see The Jackson Five in 1971 when I was 10 years old. I was screaming my heart out at Michael.

Beautifully written, thank you for sharing this. I am even a little older than your sister, and I don't have a teenage memory that Michael isn't some kind of a part of. <br />
It's hard to find a place to grieve for Michael. It doesn't matter what his shortcomings were--although I still believe he is innocent-- death is death, and we need to grieve. <br />
<br />
Those with unkind things to say should start their own story, or just bite their tongue and let us grieve in peace.

c8lorraine........... dude your fnnnn stupid :( do you not have respect? wow... are you that shallow. i guess you are :/ oh and jtfwall i like your story =)

Hey if you think it's rough here on EP you should see what's happening on YouTube:<br />
<br />
I just saw this..<br />
<br />
NEWS FLASH: At the request of his family, Michael Jackson will not be cremated or buried. Instead, he will be promptly recycled into shopping bags. In this way he can remain forever as he always was...thin, white, made of plastic and dangerous for little´╗┐ kids to play with alone.

Lennon and Elvis had talent far superior to MJ...who had help from video clips....the only thing that kept his career alive.

I may be a bit older than the the author here... I am probably more the "sister" in the story above. But I remember MJ from Jackson 5 all the way through. He has gone through so many phases... I guess all of the Jackson family has, but I think that Michael Jackson is what John Lennon and Elvis are to others.

Bad. Scream. Black or White. Thriller.<br />
<br />
I remember them all. Troubled and checkered past, for sure. But definitely a man who has impacted music forever more.