In Memory of a King

One of my biggest memories of Michael Jackson was watching the Thriller video for the first time.  I can remember there was some sort of family celebration that day, and my ENTIRE family was at my grandparent's house.  When it was time for the premire we all hudled into the living room and watched in amazement.  Nobody had ever made a music video of this magnitude.  The video set an unreachable goal for other music artist to try and top it.  There has been many great atempts by others throughout the years to compete with the Thriller video, but none have came close.  As soon as the video ended, my cousins and I immediately started to immitate his moves.  I remember being proud of my Michael Jackson sticker collection I sported on my Trapper Keeper.  And now I have a new memory to add to the mix...I had the GREATEST time dancing the night away the Saturday after Michael Jackson's death.   I went to a local club and the DJ played an awesome megamix of Jackson's greatest songs.  And I have never seen so many people pack a dance floor like they did this night!  It was unbelieveable!!  You seen eveyone trying to imitate his most famous moves, people singing the lyrics as loud as they could, and most of all everyone was having a blast!!  I asked a friend, do you think this many people would've been on the dance floor if it was just a regular saturday night with a Michael Jackson song playing in a club?  It was obvious that all these people were out there dancing until there was sweat rolling down thier faces to pay tribute to a great, talented, and legendary man.  It's sad to look back at all the rumors, allegations and nonsense that followed his life.  Jackson grew up not having a childhood, and that definitely damaged him and made him a little wierd, strange and odd.  But doesn't everyone have some sort of oddity behind them?  Maybe we don't wear it on our sleeve like MJ did, but it's there.  I don't care how bizarre he was, I believe he earned the title of Legend.  I don't believe he molested those children, but I don't know the truth, and I am not the one to judge him.  My heart goes out to his family, especially his 3 orphaned children.  May he finally rest in peace and now live eternally in the childhood he never had but yearned so much for.  Let us all follow his words..."If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place, Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change"...because if you truly belive the world can change, this is the only way to begin the transformation.

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Glad to hear you had a good night. I'm simply amazed at how his passing sent his music and celebrity back into the stratosphere. It's too bad he didn't live to see the rebound himself.<br />
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I had a bit of a chuckle while reading about how all those people were celebrating his music and attempting to imitate his dance moves. I was in my early teens when Thriller was released. A few years later I rebelled against my good nature, though, and fell in with a group of die-hard head-bangers. I was pretty tame for this crowd, actually. But I remember clearly how despised Michael Jackson was in all their eyes, for no other reason than because he was so successful, I guess. All these guys wanted to start a band, where it wasn't enough to hang Michael Jackson in effigy -- they planned to blow him up instead. WTF!! One concert we went to (I think it was Triumph), someone put two seconds of Billie Jean on the P.A. before the concert started, which was met by an enormous chorus of jeering and boos.<br />
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I only lasted a couple years in that crowd. I found out I wasn't really bad like that, and I had secretly purchased Jackson's "Bad" album anyway. I was totally enraptured by the video he did for "Smooth Criminal," although it still didn't top "Thriller."<br />
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I didn't follow his career after "Bad," except to notice the scandals and constant facial transformations, and a short thing he had with Madonna. It's really too bad his life ended so prematurely. When I heard he'd passed it reminded me of the likes of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, other superstars who passed long before they should have.