Incredibly Sad

I was doing an all nighter and sitting on the internet when i heard the news. Most people didn't hear til they woke up here in Australia, but I was on a forum at the time, and straight away someone posted something saying "Michael Jackson dead at 50.....Thoughts and favourite songs???" I thought it was a joke. Then more topics like that kept popping up, so I searched google. And Wow. I couldn't believe it. Utterly devastating. I had a little teary in my room I must admit. I think he was great. He was amazing, actually. An absolute legend, and a true performer. And in my opinion a very sensitive, kind and caring human being, who never lived a normal life. I still can't believe it.

Rest in peace.

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I know, I got the same. I was up all night then and found out from another night-owl on my friends list. It was sad :(

Any Auzzie knows that Micheal Jackson couldnt hold a candle to a true legend....Steve Irwin.

Apparently Google, Twitter and Wikipedia all crashed at one point from overload :)

I heard that Google got a spike in hits to their sight and thought they were under attack from a computer virus.<br />
<br />
For 25 minutes they replaced any MJ hits with an "I'm sorry" page to deflect users.<br />
<br />
They didn't believe it either

I went through my regular routine of logging into my Yahoo email before leaving for work. That morning, there was a new piece about MJ's death. I read it and went quite teary too. I remember him as the 5/6 year old singing "ABC", and "I'll Be There". I'm with you, it's quite devastating.