Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singers of all times and he will be remembered for many many years. His music is outstanding and his contributions to causes all over the world will never be forgotten. This was a man who stood accused of many terrible things and they condemed him for simply having money. He was a child in his own right and loved the children of the world as well as his own in many ways. May god watch over his loved ones and ease their pain in this heartbreaking time. Let his paents know that Michael was a child of God and he blessed him with a beautiful voice. I will remember him always. R.I.P.

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He was a child abuser nothing more nothing less

Isn't it true that people like that aren't recognized like they should have been when they were alive , until they die. <br />
Sad for the children he had.


I going to comment on this one. Because I've been real quite about his passing. First of all... when you watch someone grow up as a child, and I've been around long enough to do this, you come to know them especially if you've been a fan since the Jackson 5 first started out.<br />
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Very few people even stop to consider this man, never had a childhood. He wasn't one of those kids that started out as a child, disapeared, went bankrupt, tried to rob a bank, was strung out on drugs and was never heard of again.<br />
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He worked, probably harder as a kid than I ever have as an adult. And he had a father who "cracked the whip". He must have been special because out of all of the talented members of his father he became the most accomplished. Even when he performed as a young boy, you could tell he had an "age" about him that seemed to be far older than his years. <br />
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Spike Lee, commented on this and said something to the effect that "with greatness comes other things...", this was never more true than it is with the talent that was Michael Jackson. So much so that Queincy Jones wrote several songs for him. <br />
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All I have to say is that people don't stop to think... he never had a chance to be a kid. He was too busy making money for the family. How many kids do you know have the fortitude to do something like this... for their families? Because back then, I believe it was one of his biggest motivations.<br />
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That's all I have to say.

Thank you, Michael was truely a loving person. Did we ever see him yell at the paparazzi like other celebs who got fed up with them? No. There's no way I could have been able to stand all of that and stay positive and generous. We lost a true angel. Maybe that's why God took him home. I'm grieving but I'm happy that he's now at total peace.