Gone Too Soon

I've been watching the media coverage of Michael Jackson. He was going to tour again soon, and he said at the news conference that it would be his last. Now I feel that it was never meant to be. I have heard that he only weighed about 110 pounds. He looked frail, but, then again, his friends said he rehearsed the night before and was fine. Didn't complain of any problems. I have this feeling that God felt that he had had enough. 50 appearances just seemed like something he couldn't have accomplished or carried through. I wish the media would quit bringing up the children and the sleepovers. I personally feel that Michael didn't abuse any children. The 20 million dollar lawsuit was to get the family off his back. He was eccentric and hard to understand, but look at his childhood--rather, lack of childhood. He was abused by his father. Brought him to tears in that Neverland interview years ago. Those beatings and abuse left him with permanent scars. His father moulded the Jackson 5 with abuse. He also held Michael to a higher standard. I have no regard for his father. I'm sorry for his children now and hope they can have happy lives. God took Michael to a better place. We will miss his physical presence, but his legacy will live on. He has "Gone Too Soon," as many others, but God ultimately makes that decision. Michael had a loving heart. That's what really counts in the hereafter. Yes, he will always be the King of Pop, but it was his loving nature that inspired me.

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Agree totally and mourn with you (and the world). I pray that everyone who loves him will do good in his name, as the very best tribute to him and one he would be proud of.

Who was Michael Jackson?.....An unknown GOD?

Michael walked hand in hand with Farrah Fawcett to our beloved Lord...<br />
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As Michael Jackson said... You are not alone...<br />
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