In my opinion we lost a great legend, a great singer and kind heart just because of the chargers.....

I love him he was kind and pure heart
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What chargers ????
I'm misunderstanding something.

he sexually abused a child

Oh. Charges?? Now I get it. Thank you.

did you just find out he died?

but I believe that he is still alive
do u think he is still alive....

yes working in athens greece with buddy holly at the pancake parlour


oh yes absolutely

so u believe that michael jackson is still alive

No. He doesn't.

yeah true story, 2pac works there too on weekends

Let's not forget Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean and Jim Morrison. They all work there too.

i don't know about them

I've been there. I've seen it with my own eyes. They are definitely there. Looking a little worse for wear, but there. Jim is still stoned most of the time. Marilyn's boobs sag. Elvis still dresses too loud and speaks very softly. James Dean is still sulky. And still drives too fast.

What do u think about Michael Jackosn

I love his music. As for Michael, himself; I felt pity for him. He never had a normal childhood, so never had a chance to actually grow up. Smart and beautiful, he never thought he was good enough. Tried to look prettier. Totally damaged his beautiful face.
I'm afraid I do believe he is dead. Not happy about it, but I believe it.
As for the charges of child molesting; they could be true. He was childlike and I believe he might have thought what he was doing was harmless. He never denied having the boys in his bed. He did deny doing anything wrong with them.
The question now becomes; is his idea of wrong the same as the legal definition of wrong.
The law says it was wrong to even have them in his bed. Was he guilty of child molesting or merely very bad decision making?
That's not my call.
I still love the music he made. I choose to think of that as his legacy instead of the ugliness that preceded his death.

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