Musically Inclined... Not So Much, Maybe. (me, That Is.)

Wow... Its been a while now since the King of Pop passed, but, after such a long absence from EP, it sorta seemed fitting that MJ himself would be the object of my rusty attempts at getting back into the swing of writing.

I can remember, my cousin and I in pink and black polka dotted, frilly, second hand 'play dress-up' dresses that my mom bought for us to play with... Out on the swingset in the back yard, with my boombox playing the Thriller or Dangerous tapes, over and over. I dunno why, but we thought we were some sorta trapeze artists, swinging to the beats of those songs. For a while, I was a singing, swinging sensation, belting out along with Billie Jean, or Thriller. 

As I grew up, I kept listening to his music, adding to my collection. Then, came the accusations and all sorts of scandal, as I grew old enough to understand it all. I won't argue about whether he did or he didn't, or whether he was a weirdo or just a misunderstood soul. Those aren't the memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. Polka dots, swingsets, boomboxes, and the back yard swingset are what I will remember. And, because of that, the good part (The best part?) of Michael Jackson will always live on. 

iFortiTude iFortiTude
Feb 17, 2010