Technicolor Dreams

Not only do I remember my dreams but I also dream in color, which I just found out not that long ago that some people don't dream in color. I never knew that. If I realize I am dreaming I can also change my dreams. If I go to bed thinking about a dream that I had previously I can also "continue" it. Which is pretty cool. lol It's not that often that I dont remember what I dream about. Usually if I'm too stressed out I won't remember. I rarely have dreamless sleep.

Lately, my dreams have been ridiculous. lol The past two nights I've drempt that I was fighting. But not just fighting. I mean fighting like Ninja's coming out of the ceiling and I am ROCKIN em. lmao Bruce Lee style. lol

Sometimes I dream of things that haven't happened yet. Sometimes I dream of places and when I go there I get that weird deja'vu feeling and then realize I had a dream about the place. It's funky lol
Miluna Miluna
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I am the exact same way when I dream. hahahaha

People don't dream in color? That's weird. I can't recall one dream I've had that wasn't in color. Have you ever gotten to the point that you have so many dreams in an alternate area of places you know, that you bascially can remember the entire layout? That happens to me a lot. I always end up in different places that all seem to connect and I end up seeing the last place I was at.<br />
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The freakiest (but not the scariest) dream I've had was I was in this house that Iw as familiar with. This little girl kept chasing me and I knew I couldn't let her touch me. Well she does something and it made me think "That isn't normal. This has to be a dream." so as I usually would, I pinched my arm -- and I didn't feel it. I was aware I was dreaming and in control of my actions. The little girl was a ghost trying to kill me and I couldn't get her touch me. I tried to get out of the house but couldn't, and she was laughing and taunting me. After running through the house like mad for what felt like forever, I was finally able to get through the front door and I ran out into the street and looked back to the house. The little girl couldn't come out and I felt relief. Once the safe feeling hit me, I immediately woke up.<br />
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I tend to have long dreams, too... this is why I have about 6 books about dreams.

you are most likely a dreamer who can dream the future. you said you can see ghost well you can prouble tell the future too