Is There A Grand Dreamer Dreaming You?

the universe unfolds from Vishnu's dream

Sometimes I have such strong dreams they become a mesh with my actual memories. It seems like a fine line between reality and dream time. I do remember almost all of my dreams. Sometimes the feeling that I experience will be so mystical and positve it influences my waking experience. Lately I have had extremely lucid dreams and when I get to a very intense moment in my dream, like talking with my father who has passed on - I awake suddenly- and my body is ice cold and I have the shivers- and sometimes I have to take a hot bath to warm up again. I think my deep sleep REM cycle is around 4 to 5 am- so I go into my deepest sleep then, so I usually wake up in the middle of my dreams, thus I remember them more than the usual person. I actually look forward to going to sleep because my dream life is just as vivid as my waking life. I mean of course, I required to be more into my waking because that is our focus, but I would love to explore my dream time more. It is like foreign land I visit often, and I want to know more about it. Sometimes I think I have dreamed my life and then I actually live through it. I think DeJa Vu is really us dreaming parts of future life and then we actually live through it. My naps are usually more vivid than night dreams.
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

I agree completely. this feeling that you have, of incredibly vivid dreams that sometimes confuses a memory, but are enjoyable. I have them too