Before .and Throughout Puberty

We were so young,so playful,so horny.My first was with a playmate 2 or 3 years older than me.........his genitals with hair and SOOO much bigger than my bald little penis.It made no difference though,his interest was centered somewhere he had me lay across his bed...after showing me how proud he was of this giant hairy thing. I jerked a little when I heard him spitting into my butt crack, I remember him saying"we can wipe that off......and I felt him lay on me------with the length of his erection sliding in long strokes between my wet cheeks. I had no idea what was going on......I had no knowlege of *********** yet. BUT was he ever thrusting ! ! ! faster and faster....and it slid down untill he was poking my hole!!! I did NOT like that...........not until we used vaseline 3 or 4 times later..........and I loved making him happy!!! He taught me a lot ,and after his family moved,a friend my age ,became my new sex buddy. ----he liked blow-jobs. Every tme we were could be anywhere,the woods,in the garage,a bedroom......he would pull out his ****, shake it a little,and without a word I would suck every drop of his nectar from the root of his ****.  He was a real "sir-lance-a-LOT !! "......and those summers before driving,,,our hormones were in over-drive ,..not a day without *** !!
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Jan 15, 2013